Making better outdoor compost with less work and less mess

For those that are wanting to generate soil for the gardens and flower beds/shrubs etc., (i.e. tumblers, pallet bins etc.) we are bringing back a former product which I have been told really worked for several of you.

The “Better Outdoor Compost Kit” or BOCK is a product that gives you some of the key ingredients we use in our high end compost operation. We withdrew the product from the market because of the liquid probiotics part of the product which had leaks, expiry date issues etc. Instead, in this new version, we are adding 1 gallon of Bokashi bran to the mix (probiotics on bran). This will prevent leaks and give the product a better shelf life. What is in this kit?

a. Probiotics which help your compost pile break down even faster. More microbes means faster break down. Make sure your pile is at 50% moisture before adding the microbes or they won’t get the maximum growth rate/population in your pile/tumbler.

b. Clay. Micronized clay has incredible amounts of surface area that are negatively charged. Slimes, exudates and manures from microbes have a positive charge. The clay and microbial mess combine electrically to start the formation of a humus molecule. Crumbs are excellent at holding water (12x longer than compost without humus structures). Crumbs are also likely to hold 4x as much water. Hmm. 12 x 4 = 48! Yes, that is 48x more water holding capacity in humified compost versus compost without humus.

c. Where do the humus forming microbes come from? We have them in our high end compost. We provide you with a 1 qt bag containing these various strains of microbes, so that they can inoculate your compost pile. (Note: Always add high end compost from a variety of a variety of sources whenever you see it. Think of forest floors, beneath branch piles, aged compost piles, etc.)

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