New communications options

We have had some turbulence here during the last few months with change. We have replaced our website with an improved and more secure e-commerce model. All of the great information that was in our previous site was copied 100% over to the new website. The new website also features:

  • Improved gadgets for communications. A google “call me” feature which connects directly to me. No, not like the new song featuring the Olympic athletes or this one with Missy Franklin. There is also an on-line chat module which is great when you are surfing or multi-tasking. It also leaves an email notification to me if I am not able to take your questions (kid duty!). 
  • Instant chat (bottom right) which opens a chat line via Google chat.  This is a great option for when we are super busy and can’t answer your call right away.
  • Gift certificates. This could be a great option for those of you buying bokashi bins as wedding/shower presents, for Thanksgiving/Xmas, or Mother’s and Father’s day. They also make great house warming presents for move in day. 
  • Wish lists. For the gardener in you. Its not like our site is so big, but this could be handy for some of you, especially if you are thinking about a bokashi bin as a house warming gift, or for the wedding shower.  Nothing says you care like trying to help someone improve their health, environment and reduce their costs of living!

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