Somethings go up, Somethings go down. Price changes!

Several changes happening at Microbial Earth Farms that we wanted to bring you up to speed on.
1.       Bokashi Compost bins drop $25 or 38%.  They are now priced at $40/bin retail.
a.       Increased variety. 
                                                               i.      We have a limited stock of the black bokashi bins ($42/unit available online only) that are no longer in production.  These are from the same mold, and function exactly the same, just a different color.
                                                             ii.      We have a limited stock of bins from a different supplier.  These units feature a different green lid, and a spigot that angles a bit up, making turning a slight bit easier.  This manufacturer also includes a potato masher and plastic cup (size: 1 cup) which makes it easier to get started.  An excellent starter package if you are giving a gift (Retail $42, available online only).
2.       Bran prices are going up.  We will now be charging the industry average of $12/bag for dry bran.  For those who want a lower price, we are offering two new options for bran
a.       Wet bran.  Use your secondary storage pail to store wet bran and save money.  $5/gallon for wet bran – no container.  If you need an airtight pail with the gamma seal lid, we offer them for $15/pail + lid.  These are the pails with the easy opening/sealing lids, not the knuckle busters you can buy at Home Depot or Lowes.  This option will work extremely well for those who can pick up their wet bran at the farmer’s markets.
b.      Make your own from a kit.  
                                                               i.      We are now offering a kit of pre-measured ingredients to make your own bran.  You only need to supply the high quality water (i.e. distilled baby water at $1/gallon from HEB).    We will ship the ingredients to you.  If you have highly filtered water or distilled water, that can work.  The key is to make sure that there are no chlorine/chloramines in the water that you use.  That will inhibit the growth of the microbes.  The price for this product will be $27.50/5 gallons of final mix ($5.50/gallon of bran vs. $12 = a savings of 54%) for a package without the 5 gallon pail.  We estimate about $11 shipping to most of Texas via parcel post.  You can either keep this bran moist/wet in your pail for 3-4 months, or you can dry it in the sun on a dry afternoon and then bag it for longer term storage (yes, old window screens on saw horses works great!)
                                                             ii.      If you are needing the pail, we can make a first time shipment for this DIY program to you of $42.50.  This is the same price as the package above, but with the $15 additional cost for the pail.  Shipping will be a few dollars more for this first time shipment.    

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