Making great soil from mulch!

The fall season is a great time to make gardening life in Texas much easier and enjoyable.  Mulch is a key ingredient to soil health, and at no time during the year do we get better leaves for mulch than now with the cedar elm leaves.  Gather as many as you can from your own yard (no organic matter should leaf your property (pun intended)!   Gather leaves from your neighbors!  Store them not in those unsightly paper bags, but in simple black poly bins that roll up  and store in your shed when you are done with them.  Here are some pictures of leaves we stored last year.  
The first picture is of whole leaves, and the second picture is of shredded leaves.
Whole leaves (left) vs. the same leaves shredded, 10 months later.  Pic of our shredder and the new service we are providing for 78704 and Travis Heights in particular.
Poly bin used for collecting weeds and yard debris for shredding later on.
Yard-a-Bag, poly bin and home-made leaf bin in comparison.
For those of you who need to see this to believe it, or how beautiful a soil you can make on your own property, let us know.  Either method will provide you with satisfying soil materials.  We would be happy to show you. 
For readers living in 78704, give us a call.  We are setting up a service to shred your leaves for you.  We have a great tow-behind shredder and can provide the black poly bins as well.  Click here for more information.
For bokashi users, this is also a great way to make awesome compost from your bokashi food scraps.  Shredded leaves with food scraps that have gone through your blender make the highest quality compost for the least amount of work.  Size reduction of both the food scraps and the leaves is done with a bit of fossil fuels, yet makes compost of higher quality than you can find in the stores.  Add clay, minerals and humifying microbes found in our Better OutdoorCompost Kits and call me when it is finished.  If that isn’t the highest quality compost that you can make on your own property, for the least amount of hard labor, then I need to see what the alternative is, because I will have trouble believing it.

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