Wet Bran

Our apologies to any customers if we have provided incorrect information on the use of wet bran.  When using the wet bran, use it exactly the same way you would have used the dry bran.  Place your food scraps into the bokashi bin and sprinkle the wet bran over the top of the food scraps.  Similarly to the dry bran, you don’t want a thick layer but a thin layer that covers the entire food scrap surface.

Why wet bran?  Wet bran can only be produced locally as the shelf life of the bran is more limited.  Dry bran can last in a bag upto 2 years, but wet bran needs to be used within 3 months to ensure its quality.  Wet bran however costs approximately half as much as dry bran due to significantly lower labor and packaging requirements.  Wet bran can also be zero-waste when you bring us your pail for a refill.    
In order to gain the cost and zero-waste benefits of wet bran however, we must have a regional manufacturer of bokashi bran.  So when you are thinking about ordering more bran, please consider our central Texas store.  Please also check out the local retailers and ask them to supply wet bran.  If it makes sense for you, I guarantee you will be happy with the result.

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