Good Food: Turning Popularity into Power

I am doing mobile blogging today from my iPad, so pictures will have to wait until I can update the blog from home.

Mother Jones magazine writer Tom Philpott (born and raised in north Austin) is speaking with Green Gate Farms’ Skip Connett, Jason Mark, and Don Carr of the Environmental Working Group.

The panel is discussing the level of subsidies and total deregulation of conventional Agriculture versus organic.

Is government regulation which protects big agriculture,the barrier to organic farming growth? Which political party is more likely to resolve the problem, republicans who might help break down barriers which belong to the rich companies? Or democrats which may increase the number of policies to support organic agriculture?

Talking about farming in today’s economy. I can tell you that I don’t recognize the pricing of commodities as compared to 12 years ago when I was farming in Canada.

Is the Giordanin knot of supporting organic agriculture that the prices for organic food not high enough? Absolutely seems to be the answer.

However, cheap food is also what makes it possible to continue living in a country where wages have been stagnant for 30 years. It’s what keeps our society from really rioting.

Skip suggests that the number one reason people buy Organics is to support the farmer. Adopt a farmer!

Organic food should be more accessible and more affordable, yet we’re saying that we are not paying enough. How do we reconcile this issue? Will it be massive inflation which corrects various prices and wages? Will inflation rates be different for different product groups?

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