Annie Leonard and the Story of Change

This woman has had an amazing impact on the communications and teaching of how wrong the patterns of our waste streams are.

The bad news.  Things are getting worse quicker and quicker.   The good news is that it is all the. Same chart.  We are throwing away stuff faster than the planet can assimilate it.  We are using 1.5 planets of resources annually.  The global overshoot day used to be september and this year it was August.

The good news.  The next film will be her last and ninth film called the story of solutions. B lack dyes have lots of toxic elements in it.  We can do green chemistry which really works.  We just didnt think that way in the past.  We just happened to choose the most toxic way first.

Why isn’t it happening then?  Millions and millions of people know that there is now a problem.  Millions and millions of people care!  People really support the right things, and the support levels are very high relative to past change initiatives.  The support levels are 60% or higher.

So what is the problem.  Its not the lack of information.  Structures inhibit us from increased recycling.  transportation infrastructure prohibits us from using the bus.  The problem is that our citizen muscle is incredibly weak as compared to our consumer muscle.  The ciz
The citizen muscle has atrophied.  

Our real power is in the power of purchasing.  It means action.  It means developing your unique skills in leadership.  

1.  Build power to win.
2. Shore up our democratic structures and systems.
3.  Add meaning, joy and friends to our lives.

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