Water, Energy and Food Nexus.

Great statistics if we can get ahold of the presentation.  A big problem is the population growth.  Sustainability is inevitable.  It will happen through our grace and participation, or at our peril.

There is no sustainable solution without a water solution.

Texas consumes more electricity than any other state
86% of power is generated by coal and natural gas
2011 drought stressed power generation
The population will double by 2060 to 45 million
Demand for water will increase by 27%
80% of Texas is in some form of agriculture
The agriculture sector grows 5.3% annually.
Almost 80% of groundwater with drawl is for irrigation.
Pumping of aquifers already exceeds recharge in some areas
Texas has ambitious plans for bioenergy.
It takes 17 million barrels of oil to meet American’s demand for bottled water.
This excludes the cost of transportation, refrigeration, and recycling. 
Fiji water has more pollutants than NYC unfiltered water.  It is produced in CA.
Coalitions that need to address this are the utilities, business and government, who together are in a powerful position to lead policy reform.
Urban agriculture will become more and more important.  Green roofs can be a solution, but have issues as well such as increased structural costs, etc. 
Discrete actions that can move the bar a lot are the education in schools about where food comes from.  Similar to recycling.  The issue of water and creating closed loops to manage water quality.  How do you use water 5 times before it goes back into the aquifer.
AECOM’s role is to stabilize conditions for human development.  Oil and gas are destabilizing our conditions for human development.

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