Food waste

A lot of work is getting done on how to reduce food wastes.  Yes, composting is a great action, but even better is to reduce the food wasted.  By this, I mean the food that we purchase but never gets eaten.

Click on this link to see a good video from Yahoo on the issue of food waste.

What I am coming to learn is that helping the environment is more an issue of restraining our consumption.  Purchase higher quality instead of more quantity.  Install “limits” on your ability to use more resources. 

A great example is the story of the Japanese families installing smaller amperage breakers in their house.  Whenever the electricity consumption goes to high, the breaker flips and you get an instant signal that you have exceeded your goal.  This causes you and your family to re-think the consumption pattern and creates an opportunity to have a discussion about what activity was so important that tripping the breaker was acceptable.  I will have another link on that story coming soon.

How can you install a limiter or trip thingy on your food wastes?  A smaller fridge?  A limit on how many bags you fill at the grocery store?  A limit on how much money you spend on groceries?  How can you shift your purchase patterns from higher quantity to higher quality?

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