New Products – Bokashi

·         Please note that Bokashi prices have risen to $12/gallon.  We are still offering 2 bags at a discounted price (now $10/bag) and have a box with 2x 2.5 gallon bags for $48.00 ($9.60/gallon)
·         We have started production of Bokashi Bran Pluswhich will sell at a 50% premium, but which incorporates biochar (reduce smells, increase soil carbon and microbial activity), Mycorrhizae (increased glomalin, reduced drought stress, increased productivity), and Azomite (increased trace minerals, reduced drought strees, increased productivity).  This product is directed mainly at those wishing to improve their soil and not just waste disposal/Zero Waste.  We are taking pre-orders now and hope to deliver before the New Year.  Accomplish so much more with no extra work!

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