Drought – Who are the lucky ones?

How many would stop dead in their tracks if someone told you, you are?  Here is a linkto the forecast from the Texas State Climatologist’s office.   If you scroll down, you will find the following map which I have cut and pasted below.  Travis County is listed as “Moderate Dryness”, and this after a year in which we received 17% above average rainfall (39” vs. 32”).  Compared to many other areas of Texas, we are pretty close to being the lucky ones.  If you haven’t read the State Climatologist’s report yet, then you should.  He suggests that we can start any time now getting worried that we are going to be in the “Drought of Record”.  We are not there yet, but the odds are getting very close.

Also, we should not be expecting much rain in the coming year.  The La Nina pattern could be returning this spring, which implies less than average rainfall. 
The real question that I am dealing with is, “Am I ready for the next drought, because I just had a good rainfall year behind us?”.  How will I be protecting the little bit of rain that we do receive?

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