What can a soil test tell us?

Thanks to those who contributed samples to our latest round of soil test data.  I never imagined that the results would be like this.  It has completely changed my thinking on how I can best help our soils to be more productive and use less water.  With some great help, we were able to convert the data into the following graphic.  The idea is that a wooden slat water barrel can only hold as much water as the lowest slat.  It doesn’t matter how tall the longest slat is.  What we found is that there are some really big imbalances (on average) in the soil, and that a lot of work needs to be done.  This data is from what we call the standard test ($25) which is a good starting point.

Let us know if you would like to get a soil test done for your property.  We will help you build a roadmap for a soil that has a lower lifetime cost (i.e. less irrigation water, less tree maintenance costs, less air-conditioning costs, fewer weeds, more fruit/nuts/veggies).

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