Fly Gap rainfall records in Mason County

This is a cool chart showing the rainfall over the most recent 12 months.  The chart is for Mason County which is always drier than Austin, but we follow the same trends.  Clearly, the drought period of 2010-2011 was the worst 12 month period since the drought of record in 1953-56.  What is surprising about that drought is the lack of rain when they did get some.  As a comparison, we recorded approximately 39 inches or more of rain in the 12 months ending September of 2012.    That makes for an interesting task.  I need to look through our records for how much rain fell in November and December of 2012.

The good news?  We had 12 months with almost no rain, and then 12 months with almost record rain.  That is much better than the drought of record where they never had a recover period in which they received more than 30 inches of rain within a 12 month period.  That lasted for about 4 years.  If we are smart, we can help our trees and soil recover from drought periods given 30″ of rain.  The key is to be smart.

Think about soil performance (soil tests and soil roadmaps, compost and mulch).

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