Home-made fertilizer from Ashes & Urine = 400% more tomatoes

UPDATE:  We just came across an EU sponsored brochure on making home-made fertilizer using urine.  Click here for their poster/brochure.  Yes, sponsored with funds from the EU!

A customer recently asked me what they could do with the ashes from their fire pit. I knew that they are constructive, but I wasn’t sure about concentrations etc.

In my weekend reading, I came across the following article in the Stockman GrassFarmer written by Allan Nation:

“The ashes should be scattered before planting season and growing plants side-dressed with wood ash periodically about five inches from the plant. This side dressing will keep snails and slugs out of your plants in a addition to fertilizing them. Wood ash also stabilizes fruit sugars and allows vegetables to better resist diseases. 
A recent article in the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry reported that wood ash mixed into human urine far out-performed chemical fertilizers in gardening trials. The Journal said tomato yield increased by 400 percent over conventional fertilizers and showed a response equal to 135 pounds of N per acre.” 

This is definitely something to consider.  I hope that this idea will catch one somewhere (i.e. maybe South Austin?).

Here is an authoritative Youtube video on the subject featuring the attractive blond in a little black dress – Novalee Truesdell: (note: Fast forward to about 5:44 in the video)

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