Can gut bacteria define us? Is Obesity a disease?

Click here for the video on how gut flora separates humans into three groups.  This information is still quite short on details but represents some of the first research we are seeing in the resolution to disease and health issues by focusing first on microbes instead of genetics and DNA etc. etc.

Also: The American Medical Association is now considering obesity a disease instead of just a lifestyle choice.  After all of the information that has come to light on Heliobacter Pylorum and its roles in causing ulcers BUT also its role in appetite suppression, it seems to me that the AMA has some serious microbial work to do to remedy the damage done by the their devastating approach to eliminating H. Pylorum.


Eating probiotics seems to have a positive impact on brain function.  I am paraphrasing what is said in the news article on the Huffington Post (click here:  but I like that message.

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