Austin’s own Jeremiah Cunningham tells the world at Slow Money “We’re made in the image of the soil”

Slow Money 2014 has come and gone.  Unfortunately I did not have the resources to attend this year.  Maybe next!  By all accounts, it was a great time.  Click here for a link to the Slow Money Blog with more details.  If you are looking for the slow money Youtube channel, click here.

Austin-based Coyote Creek Mill founder Jerry Cunningham offered some earthy poetry. Citing recent discoveries of a similarly vast collection of microbial creatures living in both the human body and the soil, he said, “We’re made in the image of the soil … . Without healthy soil, you can’t have healthy people.” To start undoing the dominance of Big Ag, he urged, “Go home and go small. Know your farmer and invest directly. Every organic acre is one less getting chemicals.”

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