Can we escape industrial farming?

The Organic Consumers Association recently published an article which talked about how industrial agriculture and chemical fertilizers are destroying our soil and water resources.  The article included a link to this article in the popular health blog/website Dr. Mercola.

The Mercola article talks about how our modern chemical dependent farming methods: strip soil of nutrients, destroy critical soil microbes, contribute to desertification and global climate change, and saturate farmlands with toxic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers that then migrate into ground water, rivers, lakes and oceans.

However, if the phosphorous and potassium shortage are indeed looming, won’t industrial agricultural methods be doomed anyways?  Why beat a dead horse?  Because we will have no food in the stores?   !.

For a variety of reasons, we need to start thinking about how to use the little bit of space we have in our yards to produce something that we can eat.  Food forests are becoming popular.  Just having a single fruit tree in your yard can give you something to barter with other friends, or to bring to the table.

However, the most important message is”  GET YOUR SOIL WORKING RIGHT and naturally.  No properly functioning soil means poor production and maybe no food.

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