For some Texans, this might be a taste (or not) of things to come.

This is a 5 minute video (very well done) on a West Texas town that has been dealing with the issue of water use for oil and gas versus agriculture and local residents.  What I found to be most challenging in the video, was the issue of whether people who have water would be able to sell it.  It seems that the local authorities stopped local residents from selling their water.  If you have the right to sell the water, can it be be restricted (i.e. you can not sell it to the fracking companies)?  Here is a telling description of what it is like to be without water:

Beverly McGuire saw the warning signs before the town well went dry: sand in the toilet bowl, the sputter of air in the tap, a pump working overtime to no effect. But it still did not prepare her for the night in June when she turned on the tap and discovered the tiny town where she had made her home for 35 years was out of water.

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