Just announced! Soil testing and mineral class this Saturday August 17th

Just announced! I will be presenting a class on soil testing and soil minerals this Saturday 2 pm at BriteIdeas (www.bihydro.com) on South Congress and Ben White. They have great tools for organic gardening and hydroponics/aquaponics.

Soil Minerals.  Title:  Rebalancing our Environment from the Ground up.
Soil minerals are becoming a serious bottleneck in the growth of our trees.  A tree’s ability to recover from drought and other stresses depends on good nutrition, just as our bodies require good nutrition to stay healthy and recover from stresses.  In many cases, trees are not needing more water or compost, but instead minerals.  The results are critical to reducing our household air-conditioning costs, water bills, and future food production.  It’s about performance of our plants and trees.  Come and listen to Patrick Van Haren, owner of Microbial Earth Farms, discuss your options for soil testing, including procedures, types of testing, and examples of what we have learned from detailed soil testing over the past year.

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