Onion Creek peak flow

I took this video on Oct 31st (around 11:30 am), the morning after our most recent Monsoon deluge.  What amazed me was the speed of the creek / flow rate.  Near the end of the video (v. short) you can see the width of the river and what it means to see that much water flowing to the Colorado river.

American-Statesman Staff
At its height, the flow rate of Onion Creek during last week’s devastating storms was nearly double the average flow rate of Niagara Falls, according to the city.
Water levels at the Southeast Austin creek reached a record height of 41 feet, rising 11 feet between 6:15 and 6:30 a.m. on Oct. 31. The flow rate at Onion Creek on that date reached a high of 120,000 cubic feet per second, the city said in a news release Wednesday night.
As flood recovery continues, the city also said that crews have inspected an estimated 1,791 properties in Austin and Travis County as of Wednesday. They have also reported that 659 homes were damaged — many of them near Onion Creek, officials have said — and 259 of them sustained major damage. Fifteen homes were destroyed
A total of 1,300 tons of debris have been removed from flooded areas.
Forty three people were still at the shelter at the Flood Assistance Center, which the Red Cross and Central Texas agencies have been running.

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