Building Sponge City: Redesigning LA For Long-Term Drought : NPR

Building Sponge City: Redesigning LA For Long-Term Drought : NPR:

I don’t get to listen to alot of NPR now that I am trying to bike everywhere, but I did catch a bit of this series earlier today.  I believe that this is part of a series and I will try to find the segment that I heard this morning, and add it to the blog.

Here it is:

The inertia of the existing infrastructure!  What happens when we need to reverse all of the investments in our core infrastructure from the past 60 years?  What about all of the things that were built around that infrastructure that could assume that those investments would be there for … forever?  Trying to get water to soak into private yards will be a mammoth task, and unfortunately when it comes to systems thinking, it will result in very poor returns on investment until we get to about 80% control of surface water flows.  This is a BIG problem.

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