American oil industry’s buzz kill

This is a fascinating article from the Guardian on the inability of the fossil fuel industry, and thus in the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) sector, to address the problem of Carbon Dioxide emissions. 

The wicked problem of CO2 emissions was broadly recognized by the industry in 1959, at the 100th anniversary of the American Petroleum Institute, where it was a primary part of the keynote speech.  It was subsequently validated by Dr. Edward Teller at the same meetings.  Efforts to address the pollution problems of the ICE solved the problems of controlling carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, and hydrocarbon emissions from automobiles. What they were not able to solve 50 years ago, was Carbon Dioxide emissions.  And so here we are 50 years later, with no solution.

Our society is built on this technology – the prime mover – and it cannot solve the problem.  We need a different version of society that can.  Petroleum and the ICE are incapable of being the solution. 

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