Clearer thinking about the climate crisis from Kevin Anderson

At Naomi Klein’s recent book signing, Ms. Klein referenced a leading carbon emissions expert, Kevin Anderson. Here is a link to his Wikipedia page, as well as a couple of quotes:

Put bluntly, while the rhetoric of policy is to reduce emissions in line with avoiding dangerous climate change, most policy advice is to accept a high probability of extremely dangerous climate change rather than propose radical and immediate emission reductions.”

“However, this paper is not intended as a message of futility, but rather a bare and perhaps brutal assessment of where our ‘rose-tinted’ and well-intentioned (though ultimately ineffective) approach to climate change has brought us. Real hope and opportunity, if it is to arise at all, will do so from a raw and dispassionate assessment of the scale of the challenge faced by the global community. This paper is intended as a small contribution to such a vision and future of hope.”

From 2011, thus already 9 years old.

This is exactly why we came up with the idea for Nature Towns: to enable individuals to drastically drop our own emissions, while simultaneously supporting carbon sequestration. If we could change the majority of new development from car-dependent with high carbon footprints, to walkable with carbon sequestration, we could actually make a difference to the problem.

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