It’s not My Job! (But it is…)

How did we get to this point? Like all the rest of you, I have to make so many decisions every time I shop. As the main food provider and general shopper for my family, I have a love-hate relationship with labels. My kids make fun of how much time I spend reading at the grocery store. Every time I try to find a short-cut to make dinner quicker, I have to read the labels to make sure we won’t be consuming any one of a host of things that either cause severe unpleasant reactions in us, or long-term health consequences from poor nutrition.

If I want to try a new product of any kind, I need to read the label: How was this manufactured? Does this product contain microplastics that I can’t in good conscience send down the drain to the ocean? Does it contain ingredients that were harvested in a way that is destroying the last orangutan habitat of Sumatra? And so on.

When did it become the “consumer’s” job to prevent destruction of the planet?! (And why have we been degraded to mere consumers rather than, say, citizens?) Why is it an option we need to purposefully and intentionally exercise on a daily basis – and generally pay more for – to avoid being part of the ongoing planetary ecocide?

It should not incumbent upon me or you to pay more money and invest more time in every decision we make in order to ensure that there will be a livable planet for ourselves and our children one or more decades from now.

But it is.

That is why Patrick and I are creating Nature Towns, regenerative communities where the default setting is one of improvement instead of degradation: just by living there, you become a citizen who helps to restore the local ecosystem – and by extension, the planet.

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