A Better Place to Raise Kids

Are you tired of raising your kids in the backseat of your car? Too busy to enjoy the fleeting moments with your beloved little ones? Worried about their safety, their health, and their future?

You want the best for your kids – now and in the future

Some days it feels as though there isn’t time for anything but the daily routine of getting to and from school, work, and a couple of errands. The stress is climbing along with your property taxes, and you worry about preserving home equity and quality of life. Your kids don’t get nearly enough time outdoors, let alone in nature, because you’re worried about their safety in traffic. And it’s too frightening to even think about their future with regard to climate change — because what can you do about it?

Quality of life, nutrition, health, and nature

You need a better life with a lower cost of living. A place where your children can run around on their own and grow into independence – but without extreme risks. Good nutrition, fresh air, and lots of time in nature, so they grow up healthy and strong.

Hope for a livable future

Most of all, you need hope for a livable future. What kind of future are your children facing, with so much doom and gloom in the news?

There is power in collective action, and we CAN have a positive effect on climate change. Enjoying a higher quality of life in a walkable place lowers our carbon footprints. A regenerative place like a Nature Towns community also sequesters carbon on your behalf in the regenerative agriculture farm.

Regenerative Places provide a better place to raise kids, a better quality of life, at a lower cost – and hope for a livable future.

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