How can I stretch my nest egg?

Are you concerned about whether your nest egg will stretch through retirement? Are you looking for a better community? Do you want a walkable place that is safe as you age? Do you want options for co-housing?

Where will I go?

Our priorities shift as we get older: the big house isn’t quite so necessary anymore, and now that retirement is approaching – or maybe here already – it’s that much more important to keep up our social circles. The older we get, the more trouble it is to have to drive long distances for errands or social get-togethers. It would be nice to live somewhere that allows aging in place, a community that brings the friends and activities to us.

Maybe you could sell the place you’re in now for a good amount – but where would you go? There aren’t many places that are safe for pedestrians and also affordable to those on a smaller or fixed income.

But I still need some income…

For many Americans, the retirement nest egg is insufficient. Retirement might actually mean working part-time to offset as much of the cost-of-living as possible.

The Solution is a different framework – Regenerative Places

Regenerative places are the solution: a local economy with local (nearby) jobs; shops and services, friends and neighbors, and nature all near home; and quality housing at lower cost. Read more to learn more.

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