Nature Towns

A couple of recent articles have discussed “degrowth” as a way forward. The one in calls it the only responsible way forward, saying that much of the economy does nothing for human health and happiness. The Sierra Club article features a panel discussion on the topic. One of the participants on the panel states, “Growth is what’s creating more inequality, and of course all of that growth is ecologically very destructive. We’re still trapped in the view that growth is going to solve our problems. That view is decades out-of-date.”

I’m not going to weigh in on the argument one way or the other. But I will say this: If degrowth is chosen or forced upon us by circumstance, Nature Towns will be a great place to be. We are human-centric instead of growth-centric. We focus on increasing quality of life – your health and happiness – rather than just material goods that may depend on unsustainable sources. With a thriving local economy and hundreds of local jobs, along with top-quality food and an on-site source of food and energy – not to mention a community of friends around you – your own village will have everything you need.

One of the panelists in the SC article says: “People collectively are far more powerful than they realize.

People want to see how to be the change, how to dream of this new future, and they’re willing to come along. – This is your chance! Start the regenerative future with Nature Towns.

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