Newsletter Update

Hi Everyone,

Nature Towns is growing regenerative communities that provide Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive places that create a livable future.  These are places that join people in the belief that we can create a livable future, that we can have the confidence in our actions to regenerate the environment and the togetherness of community!


Since we started our soft launch of Nature Towns in August of this year, we have received a lot of feedback.  Startup companies are known for the twists and turns. We have certainly made some changes based on your feedback.  


  1. We have built our mobile display and are testing it at the Barton Creek Mall Farmer’s market.  That also means we are having ‘office hours’ on Saturdays from 9 am till 1 pm. Please check the events page for dates as we cannot be there all Saturdays.
  2. We have also been attending events such as the Alt-Ed fair for non-AISD schooling options, and this coming weekend in Dallas at the Weston A. Price Foundation annual conference for foodies.
  3. NEW!  We can bring this tent to your backyard.  Instead of dragging friends and family to us, we will come to you!  Have a pre-Xmas party and introduce your friends to something that can generate hope for the future.  Contact us for scheduling via the events tab.


  1. Simplified tools for adding your name to the list.  On most website pages, you will now see simpler options:  Resident, Co-housing, Tenant, and Landlord.
  2. New pricing structure:  Thank you for being the early adopters.  For the first 100 homeowners to sign up, we are discounting the standard $150 Resident fee by 66% to just $50.  We are splitting up that benefit over the 3 main options of Resident, Co-housng and Landlord, meaning that for each option, there are just 33 spots on the list at that discounted pricing.
  3. The Resident and Landlord options now list the opportunity to choose for a larger lot of 37.5” or 50” wide.  These are enhancements that you must choose at the time of purchase, and we cannot honor requests for upgrades after your initial purchase.  That would push people further down the list when it comes time forming a community and we find that unfair. The supply of lots is subject to the choices of the elected members of the district.  Thus, your best action on a first-come-first-serve list is to sign up as soon as possible. These upgrades will appear automatically when you choose the resident or landlord options.
  4. There are lots of supporters of this project, and many see it is a smart real estate investment.  It helps diversify financial portfolios and that means a better way of protecting your nest egg. Nature Towns are designed to increase in value as we deal with global warming.  But for some, they cannot see themselves moving. Well, what about if we arranged for a values-aligned tenant? More coming in the following newsletter.
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