Car-free neighborhoods!

Fast Company recently reported on a new walkable development planned to open in fall 2020 in Tempe, Arizona. Culdesac Tempe will be a car-free neighborhood in which residents will have to agree not to own a car at all.

“Though residents will be banned from owning or parking a car onsite per their lease, the Culdesac Tempe neighborhood will still be accessible for emergency vehicles, service vehicles (like if you need a couch delivered), and ride-shares, which will have designated pickup and drop-off locations around the perimeter. There will also be a small fleet of car-share vehicles that will be available as a transportation option for residents when they want to go beyond where the neighborhood’s light rail can take them. “

There will also be some parking so that visitors from other parts of the city can come to the local restaurants and shops.

This design will save money and free up space that would otherwise be used by cars for things like bike paths and parks, which add greatly to quality of life.

Clearly, we at Nature Towns aren’t the only ones with confidence that people are looking for a new design and more regenerative lifestyles!

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