The Future – in small steps: Electric Tractors

Many of you would not gain awareness of these small steps changing our future, unless you were for some reason on a website like this, where a real estate project discusses regenerative agriculture. The topic: small electric tractors.

This is a small California company that has been producing electric tractors for a few years. They just released this promo video on their newest model, a smaller compact electric tractor, or CET. The video is just 57 seconds but demonstrates how quiet the tractors are and what kind of work they can do.

This looks like the right size for market garden farms of intensive vegetable production on 1-7 acres. It is designed to work with 30″ wide beds. Perfect!

Regenerative agriculture celebrates putting more carbon back into the soil than the farming system emits. It is not enough to operate a carbon sink and just strive for minimum carbon emissions. Having tractors with zero emissions ensures that we can get the maximum net carbon sequestration rates on the farm (Green Infrastructure) as a whole, while still providing the essential function of producing our food at the lowest carbon footprint. This then supports our ability to live a regenerative lifestyle.

The perfect tractor for small farms – with no carbon emissions either!
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