Inspirational Quote from Paul Hawken

Paul Hawken: “To put it simply, no one is coming to help. There is not a brain trust that’s going to figure it out, work out the problems while we ponder and wait. The most complex, radical climate technology on Earth, is the human heart and mind, not a solar panel.”

Paul Hawken is the leadership and Editor behind Project Drawdown: The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming. They have recently revised estimates for their solutions in a new downloadable book called Drawdown Review 2020. They have also changed the imagery of the impacts, so that you can more easily compare solutions. I don’t mind telling you that carbon farming heroes such as Eric Toensmeier, of the Carbon Farming Solution, are full-time staff members on the Drawdown Team.

Much of what has been developed by the Drawdown team has been incorporated into our vision for Regenerative Lifestyles and Regenerative Places. I believe that Mr. Hawkens is writing a new book titled Regenerate, due out in 2021.

Read more about Mr. Hawken’s perspective in the following podcast/transcript posted by the Real Organic Project.

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