Nature Towns: Cohousing with long term Food Security

Nurturing Nature and One Another – Be A Part of the Mission

Imagine your cohousing group living in a small town that is largely self-reliant in energy, water and food. The 3000 residents share your values of protecting the planet and building social networks with neighbors. Using district financing, Nature Towns allow every resident to contribute to the mission of improving nature in your environs (a regenerative lifestyle) while reaping tangible benefits such as fresh air, access to abundant nature, and exclusive discounts on food produced on site: fruits & vegetables, nuts, milk, eggs and meat.

Town Features

  • 20 clusters of ~20 cohousing homes each, for a total of 400 out of 1280 total homes 
  • 80-acre town
  • 200 locally owned shops/service providers
  • On-site schools
  • Town designed for pedestrians and cyclists first, cars second
  • Transit hub for a variety of transportation options
  • Private allotment gardens for each household

Farm Features

  • 240-acre minimum farm size
  • 32 one-acre ponds (reservoirs) with floating solar PV
  • Green infrastructure/nature designed to produce ecosystem services and protect the town from extreme weather such as floods, drought and wildfire
  • Professional steward oversees green infrastructure,farm and food hub
  • No farm work required from residents

Click here to read more about how Nature Towns are unique in terms of community, food security, access to nature, financing, and protection from climate change. We will send you a link to our awesome e-book as well as some great details and the big picture.

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