When do you have food security?

Join us for our next webinar on Wednesday, April 15th, 2020 at 7 PM CST. We will be discussing the growing issue of local food security and alternatives to CSA (consumer-supported agriculture) wait lists and garden boxes. Meanwhile, check out our blog for recent entries summarizing the growing concerns among the general press about the scrambling of our food supplies.

In this webinar, we will be talking about the relationship of our real estate to food security. One option might be buying a garden box. But garden boxes are too expensive for many people and involve lots of work, sometimes for little yield. Others don’t even have the space for one. A second option is a CSA subscription. Unfortunately many CSA subscriptions are now on wait lists. There simply isn’t enough capacity at local farms to meet the local population’s food security needs. Less than 1% of food consumed in the Austin area, for example, is produced locally. What are your options after these?

Nature Towns represent an innovation in providing higher quality food and long-term food security, at a lower cost. In this new option, the homeowners have ownership of these new local food supply chains, including food hubs. In other words, it can provide you with lower-cost CSA box options for not just veggies, but also dairy products, fruits, and nuts, and/or meat. You get all this without the risk of having to go to public spaces like grocery stores.

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