Floating Solar and Nature Towns

Healdsburg California floating solar project

North America is in just beginning to adopt floating solar technology. The US Department of Energy has been promoting the technology, but we need more project developers who can further the technology and partnerships required. Asia is much farther along with installing floating solar than we are. Floating solar is a key technology for producing energy while also reducing evaporation.

Below, a video on the latest North American floating solar development. What team will develop Texas’ first floating plant? We would like to be part of that project.

At Austin’s longitude, around 48″ of moisture can evaporate in a year, while our average rainfall is around 32″. That means that we can be perennially dry.

In Nature Towns, we are very aware of the threat that evaporation rates have on water storage. If we are to have truly regenerative places in this region, we need more surface water storage ponds. And those ponds need floating solar for reducing evaporation. Less evaporation means more control of local water balances, essential for regenerative agriculture. Using green municipal bonds, each Nature Town can invest approximately $3.2 million in water storage in the form of multiple deep ponds per project.

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