Coronavirus: Out of the Wilderness, Into Humans

We are destroying wilderness around the world as the human population expands and our systems of inequality drive people ever farther into previously unexplored areas in their efforts to survive. In this Guardian article, disease ecologist Thomas Gillespie of Emory University says, “I am not at all surprised about the coronavirus outbreak. The majority ofContinue reading “Coronavirus: Out of the Wilderness, Into Humans”

Carbon Dioxide makes Carbohydrates: Climate Change means more Sugar, less Food

In the Jan/Feb 2020 issue of Mother Jones, Tom Philpott writes that increasing atmospheric CO2 is having a detrimental effect on our nutrition, along with all our other woes. Referring to research by Irakli Loladze, a mathematical biologist, Philpott reports that plants surrounded by air with more CO2 synthesize more carbohydrates (starches and sugars) inContinue reading “Carbon Dioxide makes Carbohydrates: Climate Change means more Sugar, less Food”

Open letter to George Monbiot

A recent newsletter from the Organic Consumers Association contained an article about remarks made by George Monbiot (environmental reporter for The Guardian) at the Oxford Real Farming Conference. According to the article, ‘Monbiot was there to argue in favor of replacing farmers with “fermentation farmers, bioengineers, protein engineers, metabolic engineers, cell biologists, computer scientists, ITContinue reading “Open letter to George Monbiot”

Car-free neighborhoods!

Fast Company recently reported on a new walkable development planned to open in fall 2020 in Tempe, Arizona. Culdesac Tempe will be a car-free neighborhood in which residents will have to agree not to own a car at all. “Though residents will be banned from owning or parking a car onsite per their lease, theContinue reading “Car-free neighborhoods!”

America’s love affair with the car – or not

We tend to think that the automobile has been beloved and popular since it first made its debut on American streets, and that our car culture was inevitable and embraced by all. Not so, according to this recent article by Peter Norton. Holland is now renowned for its wonderful bike and pedestrian facilities, and weContinue reading “America’s love affair with the car – or not”