Making better outdoor compost with less work and less mess

For those that are wanting to generate soil for the gardens and flower beds/shrubs etc., (i.e. tumblers, pallet bins etc.) we are bringing back a former product which I have been told really worked for several of you. The “Better Outdoor Compost Kit” or BOCK is a product that gives you some of the keyContinue reading “Making better outdoor compost with less work and less mess”

New communications options

We have had some turbulence here during the last few months with change. We have replaced our website with an improved and more secure e-commerce model. All of the great information that was in our previous site was copied 100% over to the new website. The new website also features: Improved gadgets for communications. AContinue reading “New communications options”

Somethings go up, Somethings go down. Price changes!

Several changes happening at Microbial Earth Farms that we wanted to bring you up to speed on. 1.       Bokashi Compost bins drop $25 or 38%.  They are now priced at $40/bin retail. a.       Increased variety.                                                                 i.      We have a limited stock of the black bokashi bins ($42/unit available online only) that are no longerContinue reading “Somethings go up, Somethings go down. Price changes!”

Rainwater efficiency vs. Rainwater Collection

Submitted by Patrick on Wed, 02/08/2012 – 3:34pm A few years back, we were all learning a fundamental thing about investing in clean energy. That lesson was that energy efficiency investments were far more profitable than investments in new generation, even if it is green. It strikes me that the same argument is developing forContinue reading “Rainwater efficiency vs. Rainwater Collection”

Blendtec makes the environment better!

Submitted by Patrick on Tue, 11/15/2011 – 9:22pm I was so happy to see that our experiment with the Bokashi bin and the blendtec food processor went so well. We basically made a slurry out of our food scraps with a second blendtec jar (one marked compost and the other main jar for use withContinue reading “Blendtec makes the environment better!”

Texas Climate News – Drought Management Info

Submitted by Patrick on Wed, 10/26/2011 – 6:01pm A drought for the centuries: It hasn’t been this dry in Texas since 1789 Based on tree-ring calculations of drought severity before instrumental records, federal climate experts have concluded that 1789 was the only year in almost five centuries when Texas’ summer drought matched conditions in 2011.Continue reading “Texas Climate News – Drought Management Info”

Green Living, Blue Planet

Submitted by Patrick on Wed, 09/28/2011 – 3:52pm (This article appeared in the October issue of Austin’s Natural Awakenings Magazine) The first astronauts in space—experiencing something no human had ever before experienced—were struck by the beauty of their own blue and green planet Earth. Our telescopes and space missions have since taught us much aboutContinue reading “Green Living, Blue Planet”

An endorsement of our classes!

Submitted by Patrick on Tue, 10/18/2011 – 9:18am Posted by: “Vikki” vikkihutto@rocketmail.comMon Oct 17, 2011 8:09 pm (PDT) I highly recommend this class and any other classes put on by Patrickat Microbial Earth. I have been to several of his free classes in thepast and they are definitely worth your time. Patrick is extremelyknowledgeableContinue reading “An endorsement of our classes!”

Are we ready to do something different yet?

Submitted by Patrick on Wed, 09/28/2011 – 3:49pm Are we ready to do something different yet? I was just reading a long article about the new best practices in managing pastures: Long grasses that cover up the soil. Shorter grasses (mowed or cut), allow the sun to shine down between the stems, straight on toContinue reading “Are we ready to do something different yet?”