Our food system is getting more fragile

The Central Texas food system is just 1% self-sufficient (i.e. locally supplied), and Winter Storm Uri exposed new fragilities. Supply chains for grocery stores, dependent on faraway producers, had bare shelves – if they were even open are getting more fragile. Trucks could not get through the icy streets to replenish supplies. At the endContinue reading “Our food system is getting more fragile”

USDA Value Added Producer Grant (VAPG)

What: USDA’s Value Added Producer Grant (VAPG) provides matching funds grants (i.e. 50% reimbursement) for adding value to farm commodities. How much: Maximum $75,000 USDA award for planning projects (desk studies only) for a budget maximum of $150,000 When: Applications due March 22, 2021.  Awards announced September 31, 2021.  Duration: 10-12 months Planning grants areContinue reading “USDA Value Added Producer Grant (VAPG)”

Scrambled Food Systems and New Local Food Hubs

There are a growing number of articles documenting the scrambling of our industrial food systems. This is creating a great opportunity to build new local food hubs and food producing farms. Nature Towns provides a unique innovation in local farms financed by residential real estate.

Coronavirus: Out of the Wilderness, Into Humans

We are destroying wilderness around the world as the human population expands and our systems of inequality drive people ever farther into previously unexplored areas in their efforts to survive. In this Guardian article, disease ecologist Thomas Gillespie of Emory University says, “I am not at all surprised about the coronavirus outbreak. The majority ofContinue reading “Coronavirus: Out of the Wilderness, Into Humans”