Floating Solar and Nature Towns

North America is in just beginning to adopt floating solar technology. The US Department of Energy has been promoting the technology, but we need more project developers who can further the technology and partnerships required. Asia is much farther along with installing floating solar than we are. Floating solar is a key technology for producingContinue reading “Floating Solar and Nature Towns”

USDA Value Added Producer Grant (VAPG)

What: USDA’s Value Added Producer Grant (VAPG) provides matching funds grants (i.e. 50% reimbursement) for adding value to farm commodities. How much: Maximum $75,000 USDA award for planning projects (desk studies only) for a budget maximum of $150,000 When: Applications due March 22, 2021.  Awards announced September 31, 2021.  Duration: 10-12 months Planning grants areContinue reading “USDA Value Added Producer Grant (VAPG)”

Scrambled Food Systems and New Local Food Hubs

There are a growing number of articles documenting the scrambling of our industrial food systems. This is creating a great opportunity to build new local food hubs and food producing farms. Nature Towns provides a unique innovation in local farms financed by residential real estate.

Video – Call of the Reed Warbler

As farmers, we have to transition from being “Livestock Managers” to being “Land Managers”. There is such a profound shift in thinking when we consider that statement. Instead of relying on the simplicity of veterinary products and advice from a veterinarian, landowners now need to factor in the complexity of the soil AND the animalsContinue reading “Video – Call of the Reed Warbler”