Cohousing: It’s not communes. Cohousing means residents cooperating in community. Some might be eco-villages and others co-ops; in all cases, they are built around a common vision. One of the greatest shared values is the desire to share with one another. Cohousers share community space, work such as cooking or childcare, and tools. Members might wish to live in very small apartments with shared kitchens, or in single-family homes clustered around a pocket park, or one of several other configurations.

Nature Towns offer many opportunities for cohousing, also known as intentional housing. Please be sure to to check out the work of McCammett-Durrett on the practitioner page. There is also more information available on mixed-use buildings.

The most important things to know about co-housing in a Nature Towns community are:

  • There are numerous blocks consisting of 20 Single Family Homes on 25′ wide lots. We also expect to have some 37.5′ and 50′ lots, depending on demand and the specific configuration of the actual town under construction.
  • Cohousers could also choose to purchase one or more multiplex buildings.
  • Future residents will choose lots in order of the timestamp issued at time of membership purchase. Thus, it is important that people wanting to form a community together in single-family homes sign up at about the same time as one another so as to have similar timestamps to be able to choose a block together. It is undesirable to have your group’s timestamps vary widely.
  • Members of the co-housing group will create their own community building, with the assumption that it will be on one of the lots purchased by group members. In this case someone in the group will want to purchase a second lot.
  • Please contact us with questions. We want to make Regenerative Lifestyles more affordable and more sociable. Cohousing is important to us. You can contact us via this link.

Cohousing Options

If you are an individual, check out our Garden Court options. If you are with a group, check out the options for reserving a block. Groups may also be interested in our Multiplex residential buildings, which offer about 9000 sf on 3 floors. This can be configured as 2-4 units per floor, ranging from 750 sf to 1500 sf each. The first floor can also be designed entirely as community space, with private apartments on the upper floors.

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