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In 2017, we got our hands on a copy of the New York Times Bestseller “Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming”.

While there are many great topics in Drawdown, not all are applicable to everyone. There are a number of actions however, that are very pertinent to living in the USA. We are specifically interested in those which can be applied to regenerative lifestyles. To that end, we have created a simple website loaded with youtube videos explaining the different techniques or technologies. This helps to explain how immediate and relevant the proposed actions are. Click here to see.

Local Impact of Drawdown

After a long analysis, we identified that some solutions are more relevant to our lifestyles than others. As an example, Reduced Food Waste (ranked #3) is something that can easily be handled within a 1/2 mile area of where someone lives. In contrast, the vast majority of benefits arising from Educating Girls (#6) does not occur here, but in foreign countries.

Drawdown calculates the cost and benefits for each solution. We separated the solutions into two groups: local planning, and those external to local planning. The results of our analysis surprised us!

In particular, we looked at the ratio of Operational Savings to their Net Cost. The solutions that can be adopted within a community have a ratio of 6.22x. Lets compare that to electric vehicles which have a ratio of 0.69, which is almost 10x less. The ideas external to our local planning had a ratio of just 2.13.

The big winners for local impact are thus related to food and the materials we use to sustain our lives.

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