Green Infrastructure

The Citadels design maximizes the benefits of Green Infrastructure and support for Regenerative lifestyles.  Compact, walkable villages focused on clean energy, inside regenerative agriculture farms put everything at your fingertips and make sharing, transit and socializing easy.

Citadels communities minimize our carbon footprints and maximize green choices: the farm is designed to produce ecosystem services such as better water and air quality, a cooler microclimate, and the best food in the region. The pedestrian-oriented village provides a transit hub with numerous transportation choices.

Electric Vehicles

Access to clean transportation, including both personal and shared electric vehicles.

Community Shuttles

Whether it be taxi mode or a regular schedule, there is transit available to all.


Citadels are the safest and most convenient places for the world’s most popular form of transportation.

Transit Hubs

A transit hub (also transport interchange) is a place where passengers and cargo are exchanged between vehicles or/and between transport modes. Public transport hubs include train stations, rapid transit stations, bus stops, tram stops, and bicycle hubs .

Because Citadels are compact, anyone can access their preferred mode of transit within a 15-minute walk. Streets are designed for walking, favoring low speed vehicles, a critical feature for the very young, the elderly, and anyone else who isn’t in a car.

Microgrids / Distributed Energy

Microgrids increase community resiliency by increasing reliability of the energy supply.
Floating solar panels could contribute up to 10% of the power generation in the US.

Hybrid electricity solutions combine the best of both worlds: grid energy with local biomass, solar and battery energy produced from the community’s value-added resources. Community energy means money is generated by the community and pays for community assets.

Citadels have tremendous potential for biomass energy produced from the green infrastructure, along with solar PV in the form of floatovoltaics on the large rainwater reservoirs. These arrays drastically reduce water evaporation rates while performing up to 10% more efficiently due to the cooling effect of the water. As Citadels have multiple reservoirs per farm, there is great potential also for pumped hydro energy storage. These technologies, combined with batteries and energy-efficient housing, can make the communities energy-independent and allow residents to become responsible for sequestering more carbon than they emit.

Let’s build something together.

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