Regenerative Agriculture

Nature Towns are compact, walkable villages surrounded by regenerative agriculture farms that are designed from the ground up to optimize nutrition, rainwater capture and storage, and carbon sequestration. As a resident, you will enjoy daily farmers’ markets, or even have fresh produce delivered straight to your door. You also have the option of tending your own allotment garden. Home gardeners will enjoy the support of the professional farmer (steward), who will provide soil minerals, compost and organic seeds and sprouts to make it easy to grow more of what you like best.

Regenerative agriculture produces the most flavorful and nutritious food money can buy.

Some regenerative farmers say that they are in the landscape beautification business, with animals doing the work. Cows, pigs, sheep, goats and chickens do what they like to do, namely, eating grass, greens, seeds, nuts, and insects in shady organic pastures. And the soil becomes richer in the process.

This rich soil produces nutrient-dense foods. A lovely side effect is that the soil also sequesters carbon from the atmosphere, helping to reverse climate change.

Allotment gardens

Large European-style allotment gardens for residents.

Farmers’ market

Residents access premium produce from the regenerative farm and may sell surplus produce from their own gardens.

Multispecies grazing

The most biologically productive and nutritious systems for long-term health.

Regenerative Agriculture plays a vital role in Nature Towns.  Unlike industrial agriculture, which makes for unhappy neighbors due to noise, stench and toxins, regenerative agriculture provides an attractive amenity for residents. It produces landscape beautification by means of livestock.

It also provides the critical ecosystem services (ESS) relied upon by residents for food, energy, and water, as well as protection from drought, wildfire, flooding, and mudslides. Furthermore, it provides key carbon sequestration activities.

Farm Jobs in Nature Towns

If you are seeking employment in the growing field of regenerative agriculture, please contact us. We aim to build a series of Nature Towns, each of which will require stewards to operate the farms. We are long-time entrepreneurs and understand the challenges of starting a regenerative agriculture farm in a time of climate extremes and uncertainty. We are currently (2020) working on our pilot project; you could be one of the first to be employed in the greatest recent innovation in regenerative agriculture: Resident Financed Agriculture (RFA). It will provide you with a financially stronger employer and a portfolio of developments that help your career progress.  For everyone from Beginning Farmers and Ranchers to experienced shepherds, Nature Towns will be the center point in RFA.

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