Regenerative Lifestyles require Regenerative Places

There are many heroes out there trying to move the needle on climate change, but they aren’t well supported. So many of us are trying to live sustainably within an industrial framework, but it is failing. Time is running out.

Nature Towns are places designed to enable regenerative lifestyles. Nature Towns make it easy to enjoy a high quality of life that gets better with every generation and remains affordable, instead of the reverse.

Modern lifestyles are based on the idea that no matter how much of the earth’s resources we consume, everything will continue to function without consequences.

Though nature is powerful, it needs nurturing if we want it to continue sustaining us. We need to understand our place in the world and protect our resources, not just for us to use, but to enable their regeneration.

Imagine a wall, built tall enough that you can’t surmount it. Is that what it feels like trying to create a regenerative, or even merely sustainable lifestyle? What if just changing your lifestyle is not enough? What does it feel like when you use all your power to make change, but it doesn’t suffice? When is it time to consider another variable?

Cities are the ultimate industrial machines.

At Nature Towns, we believe that to ensure a livable future with positive lasting impact on the world and our lives, we need to live what can be described as regenerative lifestyles. But we cannot do it within industrial frameworks such as sprawl neighborhoods, which by their design force us to consume far more resources than we can ever create or protect. For some people, it is not even worth the struggle.

But regenerative places, which are low carbon by design, can design out the intermediaries. This is very similar to the approach of big technology companies taking down the old incumbents with ‘platform’ technology: the technology enabled them to bypass the middle man. Nature Towns are walkable communities that get the vehicle miles out by surrounding the town with a regenerative farm that provides food, energy, and water security. This produces countless new options through hubs for transportation, recycling, food, repairs, and more.

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