This center of gravity for regenerative lifestyles is able to draw in larger traffic, perhaps from as many as 30,000 people to find a density of holistic products unlike anywhere else.


Are you looking to set up an artisan shop or improve traffic to your store? Do you need production help with raw materials of higher quality? Are you looking for production partners so that you can have the time to ‘get-away’ so that you can live your lifestyle while not being tied down by operations?

Lets take Artisan Cheese Making as an example. Perhaps you have read the books by Giancaldis Caldwell on Small Scale Cheese Business or Mastering Artisan Cheesemaking.

Patrick with Author and Consultant Gianaclis Caldwell


Imagine that the regenerative farm is producing the highest quality grade A milk because of the unparalled investments in rain water reservoirs and soil quality. Each day, we are producing rich grass-fed goats milk. It could be delivered to several of the shops within the village, each making value added cheeses. You wouldn’t have to worry about the management of the goats and could take off for a vacation for 2 -3 weeks simply by closing up your shop. Your 1,000 sq.ft. retail location would have plenty of room for your equipment and retail space. To learn more about this or similar types of artisan food businesses, visit The Small Scale Cheese Business book for worksheets that lay out the financials.

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