Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission is to build new Nature Towns across the country, where residents have easy access to nature and can regenerate their health, wealth, community and planet just by moving in.

Our Vision is a world in which all new communities are designed with the health of nature and residents in mind, where people have food, energy, and water security through the commonly owned regenerative agriculture farms surrounding their towns.

Our Values include integrity, excellence, and a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), among others.


Nature Towns celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion. These values are essential to having a healthy community.

  • We believe in bringing together a diversity of opinions as a collective or a group of people.
  • We believe in an equitable process in which all people, including those with marginalized identities, have the opportunity to grow, contribute, and develop.
  • We believe in including people with different identities such that all feel valued and welcomed in our organizations and communities.

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