National Level Support

Nationally, you will find organizations such as:

The Urban Land Institute (ULI)

This national organization of land developers and documents championed and produced by their Senior Fellow – Ed McMahon, who leads a team of 7 staff focused on the ULI initiative “Building Healthy Places

Agrihoods, Cultivating Best Practices

Healthy Housing for All. How Affordable Housing is Leading the Way.

Cultivating Development: Trends and Opportunities at the Intersection of Food and Real Estate

The American Planning Association (APA)

Creating Healthy Places. An online course by APA about how the susbstance of communities is shaped by a health lens.

An Educational Session on the social determinants of health and place-making.

National Planning Conference meeting titled: Toward Health Equity: Inclusive, Healthy Places.

The Congress for New Urbanism (CNU)

A detailed study examining the health benefits of New Urbanism (i.e. Traditional Design of Neighborhoods) in nine counties across the US. It finds evidence that health is positively impacted by urban design that follows the principles of New Urbanism.

CNU Issue Strategy Paper

The design of streets, buildings, infrastructure, and public spaces strongly impacts the health of communities and their residents. Research has shown that living in compact, walkable neighborhoods improves health by encouraging more physical activity, while poorly designed communities can exacerbate rates of obesity and chronic disease.

US Federal Reserve Bank – of St. Louis

The US Federal Reserve – St. Louis office, has produced a report on the power of regional food system investments to transform communities. Click here to download the report or read a summary.

National Association of City Transportation Officials

The NACTO guide is a great tour of all the great configurations for urban bikeway design.

Check out their other great publications such as:

Transit Street Design Guide

Global Street Design Guide

This guide has been particularly useful in identifying low speed streets that favor walkability.

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