Group Co-Housing Blocks in Garden Courts


This option is for a group of people who want to live in a co-housing block.  Each NatureTowns location will have a certain number of garden court blocks that would be ideal for co-housing.

The owner of this product will have the time stamp membership right to those locations designated for co-housing blocks in each community.

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This option is for people who want to live as a group in a co-housing arrangement.  Each NatureTowns community will have Garden Court blocks set aside for groups consisting of up to 15 units of 900 square feet each.

Groups who sign up under this product will have “first-come, first-served” rights to the designated co-housing blocks in each community based on the timestamp.

The Cohousing Association of the United States describes co-housing as follows: “Cohousing is a community designed to foster connection. Physical spaces allow neighbors to easily interact with others just outside private homes. Common areas including kitchen, dining space, and gardens bring people together. Collaborative decision-making builds relationships.” Neighborhoods are “designed for community interaction and personal privacy.”

Co-housing can take a variety of physical forms: clusters of single-family homes are common; but an intentional community can also be housed in small apartments in a single building sharing large common areas, like a kitchen and living room. Our photos here show a range of housing types that could be occupied by co-housing groups.

Community members will decide for themselves what kinds of interactions they desire. It is common for such groups to share cooking – in other words, to socialize regularly while enjoying meals together! Tools, equipment, and other possessions, including vehicles, might be shared, along with tasks such as childcare. In a strong community, children grow up with more independence. And empty-nesters and adults without children of their own can still enjoy close relationships with kids.

The design of NatureTowns provides many of the social benefits of the community. Signing up for the co-housing block makes it even easier to obtain those benefits and more.

Please note that this purchase creates a timestamp that determines your position in the queue for selecting your lot from the limited number of those reserved for co-housing.

This membership purchase is governed by our general terms and conditions, found here.