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This membership level is the standard residential option for a standard lot of 25′ width in a future Citadels community. This option will allow the construction of a single-family home, a row house, or a garden court home.Single-family homes are free-standing houses with open space on all four sides and generally occupied by one or more related individuals. These houses maximize privacy. They will generally be approx. 20′ wide.

Row houses are individual homes that share one or both walls with neighbors. This option maximizes interior space, as the building can extend from lot line to lot line, the full 25′ in this case.

Garden court homes can be single-family or row houses. The key feature is that these homes face one another across a green, rather than facing a street. The green space may have trees, gardens, a shared bbq grill, or other amenities for residents.

Add your name to Citadels’ exclusive list for invitations to build a Citadels community that will:

  • reduce your cost of living
  • reduce climate risks for residents such as drought, flood, and wildfire.
  • build equity faster and with less risk
  • make housing more attainable
  • increase free time for parents and make kids more independent,
  • improve health outcomes
  • increase biodiversity

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