Residential Homebuyers

Your participation as a Residential Homebuyer in this project is catalytic! You are helping the housing industry break out of a pattern of poorly performing real estate. Instead, your mortgage could be helping to regenerate your health, wealth, community, and planet. As a resident, you will be an exclusive beneficiary.

Nature Towns, however, cannot be built on the basis of an email. If investors are going to put in hard cash to secure the land (millions of dollars), they want to see some skin in the game from future homebuyers. The sum must be appropriate to the purchase, such as 0.1%, or about $200-$300. In other words, we are crowd-funding the earliest stage of the pilot project development.

Key Information

  • Unique features of Nature Towns
  • Options such as larger lots, premium locations, and garden court homes
  • Groups of lots set aside for co-housing and intentional communities
  • Community gardens
  • Homesteading in community
  • Next steps for you

Residential Homebuyer Next Steps

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Join our Webinar

Every Tuesday at 7 pm CST

  • Town features
  • Types of vendors we are attracting
  • Project status
  • What happens next?

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