Biodiversity and Pollinators!

Doing our part for biodiversity and pollinators!

It was a real thrill a few weeks ago to spot this creature, likely a hummingbird or sphinx moth, on our little grapefruit tree. I’ve never seen one in our garden before. It made me wonder how it found us only days after we planted the tree. Maybe it was the incredible and enticing aroma of the blossoms. This indication of biodiversity in our urban garden in Austin was so encouraging.

Coronavirus: Out of the Wilderness, Into Humans

We are destroying wilderness around the world as the human population expands and our systems of inequality drive people ever farther into previously unexplored areas in their efforts to survive. In this Guardian article, disease ecologist Thomas Gillespie of Emory University says, “I am not at all surprised about the coronavirus outbreak. The majority ofContinue reading “Coronavirus: Out of the Wilderness, Into Humans”

Rhinoceros Beetles

We recently had some fun with our kids when we discovered a few dozen enormous Rhinoceros Beetle grubs in our shredded mulch pile.  If you haven’t seen a picture of these, click here.  While some people might get an ick reaction, the fact is that these indigenous critters are very high in protein (40%) and couldContinue reading “Rhinoceros Beetles”